If driving with your windows down is the only way you enjoy the cool air, it’s time to get your car AC recharged by our experienced professionals.

Most drivers don’t pay much attention to AC systems until they stop functioning correctly. Some might even view a malfunctioning air conditioning system as a minor inconvenience. However, a defective AC exposes you to certain risks, especially when the temperatures inside your vehicle begin to soar.

This post will take a closer look at your vehicle’s air conditioning system, helping you understand the importance of recharging and servicing it.

How Does Your Car’s AC Work?

The first step to understanding the need for prompt auto air conditioning repair services is knowing how your vehicle’s AC works. After all, how can a driver tell when the system is malfunctioning without knowing how it works?

Your car’s air conditioning system operates by manipulating its refrigerant, keeping it between a gaseous and liquid state. As the refrigerant’s state changes, it absorbs the humidity and heat from the vehicle, providing cool, dry air.

What Refrigerants Does an AC Use?

Previously, air conditioning systems used R-12 (Freon) as their refrigerant. Freon is an effective CFC-based refrigerant that is not poisonous or flammable.

However, in the late 1980s, scientists discovered that the overwhelming use of R-12 was damaging the earth’s ozone layer. While this discovery prompted manufacturers to switch to R-134a in the 1990s, the evolution didn’t end there.

Today, modern vehicle air conditioning systems use R-1234YF. Besides lacking the ozone-depleting properties of R-12, this refrigerant also produces fewer greenhouse gases.

Getting Your Car AC Recharged

Getting your car AC recharged is the process of adding refrigerant to your air conditioner’s cooling system. Doing so enables your air conditioner to resume blowing the cool, dry air you desire. Recharging your AC also goes a long way in helping you avoid extensive car AC repair services.

The service begins with a thorough AC inspection, with the mechanic checking the system for defects. Once they confirm everything to be in order, they will perform a routine evac and recharge service, replacing the refrigerant.

However, if they discover an issue, they will offer you the car air conditioning repair services you need, fixing or replacing the damaged components.

Signs You Need Auto Air Conditioning Services

As ideal as it is to get your car AC recharged, your vehicle’s air conditioning system contains multiple parts that will need servicing at some point. Consider scheduling air conditioning services if:

  • The AC doesn’t cool the car: If your vehicle no longer receives cool air, it’s time for a recharge.
  • Your AC turns warm in minutes: Your AC’s compressor clutch is the system’s pressure port, maintaining the refrigerant’s optimal functionality. Any defect to this part will make it impossible for your AC to blast cool air for very long.
  • You have a malfunctioning condenser: The condenser allows the liquefied refrigerant to absorb heat from the evaporator. Damage to this part will impact your AC’s cooling efficiency.
  • You notice visible leaks: Have you detected the presence of refrigerant puddles under your vehicle or a greasy coating on your AC’s components? You are likely experiencing a leak that will need professional repair.

Quality Auto Air Conditioning Services in Sanford, FL

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Getting Your Car AC Recharged

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